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The Nock

We had a Nock…..

On May 31st, ten archers braved the awful conditions to shoot this year’s Nock. Oh, that blazing sunshine! That slight breeze! This is not the gloomy drizzle that archers enjoy.
Correctly distanced across the field, the full range of “Western” family rounds was in evidence. As the Nock is a handicap shoot, you can shoot any round you like and still take part. Alex P took advantage of this by starting only after lunch and shooting a Short Junior Warwick. Sue took even greater advantage, by devising a round of her own, shooting the first distance at an Imperial distance, the second at a Metric. But Hey! we had fun.
Sadly, we  could not have the traditional community nosh, so chilli was not available. But we each had our individual picnics, on the grass in the welcome shade.

  • Alex won the “Glass Nock” (for archers without a handicap yet)
  • The Bronze Nock went to Carol
  • The Silver Nock went to Deborah
  • The Gold Nock – the overall winner, went to Ian.

It really was a perfect day – everything that is best in archery

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