The results are in

Our first outdoor competition of the winter season took place last Saturday 14th October.  The weather was unusually good to us with only a slight breeze, and what can only be described as positively warm conditions for the time of year.  We had a fair few archers that braved these alarmingly disturbing conditions to take part, and consume all the lovely goodies that were kindly provided.

There were three competitions going on at the same time.

Firstly, the monthly Frostbite for any member of the club.

The winners were;  Junior – Robert,  Longbow – Rod, Ladies Recurve – Fiona, Gents Recurve – Darren.

Next was the Chip and Pin for those beginners still in their first year of shooting.  There is only one trophy for this, irrespective of gender and this years winner was Fiona.  The junior John Mirfield Trophy went to Jude.

Finally the “Pro-am” which was won by Fiona and Rod.

A big thank you to all those that took part, and congratulations to the winners.