The Nock

Yes, next Monday (May 28th  – bank holiday) it’s “The Nock”

And that means I can use this picture again!
This is the first of the season’s major in-club events. The most important fact to remember is that this is a handicap shoot – which often means that it is won by those who are improving, not necessarily those at the top of their game, so anyone has a chance, regardless of bow type.

  • Sighters are at 11am
  • The rounds used are the “Western” family – four dozen at one distance, four at the next distance down. You can shoot 100/80 yards if you want, right down to 30/20. So no excuses there
  • Lunch will be taken after the first distance, probably around 1ish. This is usually the highlight of the day, but very much depends on what food is brought. It does help a) if you could bring something and b) let Carol ( know what you are bringing. If you can’t, a small contribution to the catering tin can be made. The old standards of chilli and veggie curry will probably make an appearance.
  • The second distance will start after lunch. If you couldn’t make the morning, you can still take part, by shooting one of the “Warwick” family of rounds – 2 dozen plus 2 dozen. So no excuses there.

It is a beautifully gentle day, with no stress or pressure. If you haven’t been shooting outdoors yet, it is the perfect reason to get out in the inevitable Bank Holiday sunshine.
And enjoy some food.

And afterwards

At an unspecified time – 15:00 or after the end of the Nock, whichever is later – we will be holding the club Annual General Meeting. Open to everyone who is a member, this is our chance to talk about what we are meant to be doing as a club, and what challenges we are facing in the coming months.
The agenda is here and last year’s minutes are here