It’s Back

Bowmen of Adel

Outdoor Club Championships – 2022
Will be held on
Monday August 29th

There are two lengths of round available

For all archers who feel brave enough to shoot 12-dozen arrows
Sighters at 10.30am

(Kettle on from 9.30 for set up)
Rounds York (Gentlemen), Hereford(Ladies), Bristol 1-5(Juniors and anyone else) (all 12-dozen arrows)

Now, just to make life even more complicated, if there are no entries in any category for the York (Gentlemen) or Hereford (Ladies), the championships in those categories can be awarded for a Hereford (Gentlemen) or Bristol 2 (Ladies)


For less bold archers wanting a taste of the tournament scene on home turf
(or archers who can only attend in the afternoon)
Sighters at 2pm(ish – after lunch)
“National” rounds (4 dozen plus 2 dozen)

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