Beginner’s Courses 2019



Currently six beginner’s courses, each five weeks long, are planned for this year.  The courses start at 7pm and run til 9pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  Course 1 being a Tuesday and course 2 a Thursday and so on.

On the course you will be instructed on the safe use of archery equipment.  You will be shown how to set up and take down the range.  How to shoot a bow, both with and without sights and you will have the chance to see some of the different styles of bows available. From the traditional Longbow and Asian Horsebows to more modern Olympic Recurve and Compound bows.  The course aims to be fun yet informative. At the end of which you will have acquired a new skill, made some new friends and if you wish, be able to take up the sport at a local club.

We accept children on our courses and they must be accompanied by an adult (who may be on the course). Children must be able to appreciate safety-critical rules and to be able to concentrate through an evening of teaching – approximately 2 hours. For younger children, e.g. those aged under 9, we recommend one of the coaches assess the child to ensure they can follow instruction and safely use the equipment.

The dates for this years courses are;

Course 1  Tuesday 7th May to 4th June

Course 2  Thursday 9th May to 6th June

Course 3  Tuesday 18th June to 16th July

Course 4  Thursday 20th June to 18th July

Course 5  Tuesday 30th July to 27th August

Course 6  Thursday 1st August to 29th August

The fees for this year are as follows;

Adult     £60

Child (under 18)  £50

Family  (1 adult + 2 children)  £150

All the courses are led by qualified Archery GB coaches who are also DBS checked.

To book, please use the form HERE

The course fees include insurance and use of club equipment.  (Please don’t buy a bow before you’ve completed the course).  You don’t need any specific clothing for archery other than you must wear close toed footwear.  Make sure you wear something appropriate to the season as the evenings are not always that warm, and that is fairly close fitting so it doesn’t get in the way.

If you have any questions about other group sizes please get in touch via email: or Facebook